Home automation is changing.

The future is now!

Home automation was the provence of the super rich and those with specialist needs. Smaller family units, improved living conditions and healthcare have increased the proportion of retired people and those needing help and assistance in their homes. New service opportunities are required to accommodate these needs.

Automatic metering reading, demand side management, home security, appliance monitoring, heating and lighting control and healthcare monitoring are now all available to the customer.

The e-build home

The SMART HOME or DIGITAL HOME is evolving into a integrated solution, using standard component parts - individual to the user.

One system Davmark™ uses to achieve these objectives is the LonWorks™ open protocol system solution.

LonWorks® networks with LONMark® products allow us to realise these objectives: a home automation system that, coupled with internet, offers a whole new class of services to the home owner.

The system can then be monitored and controlled through a PC or TV but also through any internet client from any where in the world.

And the best bit...

The home automation controls can be designed to be simple to use, but retaining engineering full control capabilities.

We have had clients with a technological fear of gadgets. For any type of remote control, ask us to design visual graphical touch controls, set to be easy to use for normal tasks for any one in the family to use.

Davmark Group design bespoke designs with the result, a seamless visual system that you or your clients could have only dreamed of before.

For further information see Onetouchzone™ for applications that utilise this advanced technology.


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